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HHS 2017-2018 "Cell Free Zone".  Hopewell High School is FULLY ACCREDITED for 2017-2018! 
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Hopewell High School's English Department consists of thirteen extremely dedicated members who emphasize the development of clear, concise, and coherent communication skills.Students are expected to develop an awareness of American and global literary contributions made by major world authors, which allows students to develop critical thinking skills.The courses in our department are designed to prepare students to successfully complete the Standards of Learning, Writing and Reading/Literature and Research assessments.
Teachers Room No. Courses
J. Allen 211 Reading
J. Arntson, Co-Lead 202 English 9
L. Donofrio 111 English 11
C.Guman 217 English 12
R. Halas 158 English 11
D. Henley 112 English 10/12
S. Hipps 204 English 10/12
P. Karabiac 212 English 9
T. Marx 208 English 11
P. Scanlan Library Photojournalism
K. Sheppard, Co-Lead 210 English 10/11
A. Sykes 206 English 9/10
R. Witherow 108 English 12