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The Consumer Program provides secondary students with disabilities courses designed to meet their needs. It is a comprehensive and sequential program which will aid the student with a disability in becoming a self-sufficient, well-adjusted member of the community. The courses include many of the Standards of Learning (SOL's) as outlined by the Virginia Board of Education. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Certificate of Completion, Modified Standard Diploma or an IEP Diploma.

The Inclusion Program provides an opportunity for students with disabilities to receive instruction in the regular classroom, taught by teachers endorsed in the various content areas. Special education teachers assist the regular classroom teachers in adapting lessons to meet the needs of individual learning styles. The individual student's IEP Committee determines the type of diploma the student will pursue and which courses should be taken in the Inclusion Program.

The Resource Program provides an opportunity for students to receive individualized prescriptive instruction as outlined by each student's IEP. Emphasis is placed on developing compensatory learning strategies, which the student can use to be successful in regular classes. Admission to the program is through the student's IEP Committee. All of the instructors listed play mayor roles in the success of their students at Hopewell High School.