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HHS 2017-2018 "Cell Free Zone".  Hopewell High School is FULLY ACCREDITED for 2017-2018! 
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After completing Keyboarding Applications, which is a foundation course for any of the computer courses offered in the department, students may elect to enter one of twobusiness programs:Office Administration, or Computer Information Systems. Each is a two-year program of study.In addition, students who have completed the Office Administration or CIS program may elect to take a course in Design Multimedia during their senior year.The department also offers a course in Personal & Business Finance, which is mandatory for Graduation.  This course is open to Juniors and Seniors.

Teachers Room No. Courses
C. Young, CTE Lead Teacher 128 Keyboarding, CIS II, Design Multimedia
S. Haden, Dept. Chairperson 132 Keyboarding, CIS I, Personal Finance
S. Griffin 131 Bus.Mgmt. and Information Technology
E. Edmonds 130 Personal Finance
D. Robinson 127 Keyboarding
P. Foreman 129 Personal Finance and Office Administration