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Spring Break Week is April 10-14. Hopewell High School is FULLY ACCREDITED for 2016-2017! 

2016-2017 HHS/HCPS Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Phyllis Slachter (Marketing Teacher & DECA Advisor)

Mrs. Slachter is a Marketing Teacher and DECA Advisor.  She has worked for Hopewell City Public Schools for 23 years.  Mrs. Slachter earned a B.A. in Secondary Education as a Training Specialist from Old Dominion University.  She also has a M.A. in Educational Administration and Supervision from George Washington University.
During the last 23 years, Mrs. Slachter has been involved in curriculum writing for Marketing Education, served on the VAME Board, served on the Virginia DECA Foundation Board, and served as Series Director for local, state, and international levels of DECA.  Currently, Mrs. Slachter is HHS CTE Lead Teacher, SET Coach for new teachers, and HCPS CTE Advisory Council.
Mrs. Slachter's Greatest Reward in teaching: To have former students from as far back when I taught in NC and since the first year at HHS up to now, come and visit me, come and speak to my classes, text/email me, invite me to events, and want to be friends on Facebook. When having a bad day, so many times I get an email out of the blue or a Facebook post from a former student and it makes the bad day disappear! It warms my heart.

For years some of my favorite things to say to my students in and out of the classroom is "Cool Beans!", "Do me a flavor", and "This too shall pass".  Why do I do this? The first two are to attract attention to make sure the students are listening and the third, I tell students who may be going through a rough time. But the saying that I have used for many, many years is "Life is like a mirror, reflecting what you do, if you face it smiling, it smiles right back at you."

Mrs. Slachter is married with two daughters and enjoys spending time in the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach with family.